I have a clean title, honda metro, with a ruckus rear swingarm conversion. Lowered. Fun scooter. Needs a carb. Or the carb cleaned. Its currently removed, but comes with. Too many mods to list. Very Cool scooter. Head turner.
Wonder what all the ruckus is about when it comes to the Honda Ruckus? There are probably some folks (like those born into royalty) that will never get it. But for the rest of us, the Ruckus is a breath of fresh air a rugged, minimalist scooter that you don t have to polish like grandma s silver, and that doesn t need a staff of servants to keep it running. Best of all, you don t need a trust f...
2007 Honda Ruckus, I had this bike for a while and used it only a pit bike at the track. Not going to the track any longer and I do not need it for anything else. It has a few mods to it by the previous owner but the motor is stock with the exception of the Leo Vance exhaust. It has the lowered seat with the LED tail and turn signal lights. It also has the lowered handle bars with the BMX style...
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